Planning travel can be overwhelming.  Is the resort you chose going to meet your expectations?  Is this flight connection realistic if you have a preschooler?  
Planning travel for a group can be extraordinarily daunting.  With group members flying in from all over the country, members with specific dietary needs, and making sure everyone understands if they need a passport or not -- it's no wonder some groups just decide to stay home.  
With so many moving parts, wouldn't it be nice to just hand over the details and logistics to someone who does this for a living?  This allows you to spend your time and energy looking forward to your fantastic vacation; and once you're there allows you to build those lifelong memories without worry.  
The TravelSmith does all this for you at no cost to you -- all while double checking to ensure you're getting the best value.

I'm Rachel Smith, the owner of The TravelSmith.  The TravelSmith is an independent agent of Cruises and Tours Unlimited.  I live in Central Ohio with my husband and two daughters.  2021 starts my 8th year as a travel agent.  
I'd love to work with you to plan your next Walt Disney World, cruise, or all-inclusive vacation.  Many of my clients come to me with "I want to go to Europe."  I work with them to determine what that means in their mind and come up with a step by step itinerary to make their travel dreams come true.  If you're looking for something a little off the beaten path, I'd love to help.  If you can get there, I've probably done extensive research on it. 
Give me a call at 740-936-7363 or email me at rachel@thetravelsmith.net.